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Here are just a selection of the case studies from projects I have worked on in my time as a consultant in the KBB industry.

More to follow soon ....

If you currently have any of these challenges, or are dealing with something different that you need support with, I can help.

Please get in touch !



Lead Generation & CRM Training for Managers & Salespeople

I ran a number of online and classroom based training sessions for a national builders merchant. The purpose of the course was to increase the amount of kitchen and bathroom leads being taken on the counter. Training was carried out with managers and counter staff, and we talked through how to have meaningful conversations with customers and to gain information on their projects. We talked through the NOW and NEXT conversations. This is where you ask a tradesperson what they are working on now, and what they are working on next. This not only helps with immediate sales, but also generates enquiries for the future.

Part-Time Sales Performance Manager

I am working with a client in a sales manager capacity, applying my experience from previous store turnaround roles. I hold weekly sales meetings via video, and I also visit the showroom once a quarter. I talk through each customer, monitor weekly, monthly and annual targets, and also provide development plans and ongoing support for the designers where needed. I contact customers where needed to get feedback, and also to help close any deals where the customer may have gone cold. This service frees up time for the business owners to concentrate on other areas of the business, providing support in having some of the more difficult conversations required and highlighting potential blind spots with people or process.


Growth Planning & Coaching

Working with this client in a business advisory role. We have put together a five year plan and are currently on a journey to help take the business to the next level. We are looking at all aspects of the business, including staff, sales, showrooms, profit and much more. We have introduced many new initiatives which have been very well received by customers and staff alike. I currently work on site three days per month and I am also supporting remotely. The differences are already being noticed by customers and suppliers already and we are already ahead of plan and returning some impressive sales numbers.

Private Equity Advisor

Occasionally, I am called on by private equity companies to help with their due diligence when an investment opportunity arises. My involvement can run from an initial telephone conversation, video calls, through to sale pack scrutiny and site visits with the investors to provide my thoughts and feedback on the business. As well as many UK firms, I also work with private equity companies from the USA and China.


Colleague Onboarding Process & Support

I’m currently working with a national retailer to put together an induction plan for new colleagues. Staff retention is a massive issue with KBB companies and too many staff leave within three months due to a poor onboarding process. We are looking at every stage, from the colleagues first application to the business, to a 12 month review after their start date. Gone are the days of “here are the keys, get on with it” for the national outlets.

CRM Systems & Processes

I worked with this client to help rebuild their CRM system and sales process. Every stage in their journey kept getting added to, and eventually they ended up with a 41 point systems. We stripped this back to 8 stages, and streamlined their CRM to make sure every customer was visible and easily accessible and the nest stage contacts were always clearly defined. I held meetings with the client, and with Anthill to help the smooth transition of this process.

Content Creation – Articles & Blogs

Off the back of the success of my articles in the KBB Review, and the K&B Magazine in the US, many customers have asked me to write blogs for them to appear on their website, social media, or for print magazines. I have written on all aspects of the business, from the latest design tips and advice, to keyword lead articles that has helped drive traffic to their website.

Professional Witness

I work with a number of solicitors firms when the need arises for an Expert Witness in the home improvement field. This normally occurs when a retailer and end user have reached a point where they cannot find a resolution amicably, and one of them has decided to go down the legal route. I not only provide a report (written, audio and video) by visiting the site, but I also offer my experience and advice to help resolve the issue if possible. None of the cases I have worked on have ever reached the court stage.


Lost Sales Opportunities – Understanding Why They’re Not Buying

One of the most useful services I provide is to call the “lost” leads from retailers, to get customer feedback on why they eventually decided not to use the company for the project. Ringing as a third party tends to receive more honest feedback than the showroom normally gets, and we can then use these comments to shape the future sales process. Although the reasons normally fall into the Price, Product or People categories, we can really get a better understanding of why business has been lost.



Having worked in the KBB industry for over thirty years, I have built up a fantastic network that means I have access to the best products at the best prices. I have worked with end users, retailers, contract customers, architects, interior designers and house builders to help source their requirements in a timely, hassle free and cost effective manner. I can source everything from individual products, to full projects.


Terms and Conditions

A growing business approached me and asked me to put together a Terms and Conditions page, and other related documents to help take the business to the next level. As the business grew, so did the customers expectations that these things would be a standard practice. They also help protect the company and communicate things like payment terms, service levels and other processes, and organises them into a formal structure.

Dead stock project

A more recent project is where I am working with manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to help clear some of their excess or dead stock. Sometimes it is down to a code change, a cancelled order or maybe a shelf clearing process, but I have worked with a number of companies to find avenues to move their obsolete or surplus items. This has not only helped business raise funds, but also allowed them to close extra storage facilities by having a more streamlined product list.

Introducing New Product ‘New Product Launches/Go-to-Market Strategy

I have worked with numerous companies who are trying to introduce product into the UK market. From the latest innovations, to software solutions, to standard products, I have the network to be able to open doors for these companies and get them in front of the right people at the right organisations. I have facilitated deals that have got many new products into nationwide retailers and distributors, and many of them are already looking at moving into bigger markets.

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