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Over the years, I have worked on several cases that have been through court, and I get asked a lot about the entitlement to compensation so I thought I would pass on my knowledge here.

If a person has purchased a kitchen and at the end of the day they have a kitchen, they are NOT entitled to compensation. 

They are only entitled to out of pocket expenses or any goodwill gestures.

The only time compensation is paid out by the courts is if somebody loses an experience they can't get back, such as wedding photographs or a holiday.

Hope that helps. 


Are you having an issue with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or other home improvement installation or purchase where you need some independent help ?

If you are currently struggling to get a resolution with an issue and you need some mediation, or you have been asked to get a report written, please message me.

Whether it's on the request of Trading Standards, The Furniture Ombudsmen, or the legal team from the other party in the dispute, I can support. 

I have worked with several clients and legal firms where I have been asked to visit a site to compile a report on the job, including writing a full report and taking pictures and video.

On the projects I have dealt with, I have a 100% success rate and no cases have ever been lost that I have worked on.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to arrange a visit to your installation, please get in touch !

Email or call 07776113376

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