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10 Simple Rules For Running a Trade KBB Business

Here is .... 10 Simple Rules For Running a Trade KBB Business

1 - Stick To What You Know - If you don’t know anything about bathrooms, don’t sell them.

2 - Pay Well and Hire Experience - If somebody will bring you an extra £100k of sales in every year, they’re worth paying more.

3 - Activity, Activity, Activity - Call, email, visit, message, flyer, post, advertise. You need to be the first name people think of when they need a quote.

4 - Consistent Pricing - A length of worktop should be the same price on every visit at every showroom in your company.

5 - Don’t Offer 1000’s of Products - It confuses salespeople and customers. Have a GOOD, BETTER and BEST option for every product.

6 - Communication is Key - LISTEN to the customer and if there is good or bad news, make sure you deal with it straight away. People can deal with bad news, LATE bad news is where the problems start.

7 - Leads Come from Everywhere - Not every member of staff is a salesperson, but sales come from every member of staff. Counter sales, warehouseman and drivers all have conversations with customers. Make sure you record them.

8 - Ask … Now and Next ? - What are you working on now, and what are you working on next ? Maybe this project isn’t the one where they need a kitchen, but maybe the next one is.

9 -  People, Product, Process - If all three of these are working within your business, sales will naturally follow.

10 - It’s a Numbers Game - Know your numbers. Your average order value will tell you how many sales you need. Your conversion rate will tell you how many quotes you need. You can track it right back to your activity.  Use the numbers.

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