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What's In Your Window ? (October 2014)

If you own a shop, do me a favour, go outside now and have a look into your shop from the outside.

If I was walking past your shop out of hours, would I be able to see your …

  • Opening Hours

  • Website Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Social Media Tags

  • QR Code

And …

  • Is it properly lit?

  • Is the shop tidy and free from clutter?

  • Are all signs professionally printed or hand written?

A lot of people these days are able to Google you from outside your establishment. What does your shop window say about you?

No matter what goods you sell, your shop window should be similar to butchers or bakers. People should be slowing down or even stopping when they are walking past your window to see what you have to offer.

When you walk past the window of a national retailer, they have very well laid out, very professional displays. They spend thousands on making sure their window is perfect and designed to increase the amount of people walking into their shop.

Walking around, I see a massive difference between the windows of the national retailers and the windows of the local independent, and it’s very disappointing. Independents don’t have to seek Head Office approval for a shop window display. They don’t have limitations and marketing departments to run things by, they can be as imaginative and flamboyant as possible but sadly they often aren’t like that.

I see windows with no contact details, a messy shop floor, posters advertising events that have already happened, scribbled hand written signs and interiors often in darkness.

A lot of people will walk past your business out of hours, what are you doing to bring them in during the day?

How are you enticing them to visit your website?

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