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What Is A Mentor?

So What Is A Mentor ?

Whenever I used to hear the word mentor, I always pictured a teacher.

Somebody who passes on their knowledge and teaches you the ways of the world and then guides you through the path of life.

But then I look back on the mentors I have had throughout my life, and I could probably count them on the fingers of one hand.

And I’m not sure the word mentor means the same for everybody.

When I look at the people who I would count as mentors, they aren’t teachers, or life gurus, but they took a chance on me when I wasn’t the natural or obvious choice.

They were the people who believed in me when other people, including myself, had doubts.

These people shaped me and my career more than I think they even knew.

And it was a lesson I took through life with me.

I didn’t always look for the obvious answer or easy choice.

Sometimes, you had to work hard for the gold, but it was worth it when you got it.

Hopefully I paid a little back by passing on some useful snippets of knowledge or experience as I have worked throughout my career, and I will continue to do so.

But if you are young and starting out in a career, find a mentor who you can take skills from. But only pick the best bits !

And if you are firmly established in your career, take a look behind you and see who needs some guidance and some belief.

It has been strange and tough times over the last couple of years, and working has become a lot more remote.

But don’t forget the power of a few minute chat over a cup of coffee or a smoothie !

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