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Exercise - What Does Your Perfect Customer Look Like ?

This is one of the first exercises I ever do whenever I am working with a new client.

It's very important to understand what your ideal customer looks like, and it will shape the way you do everything within your business.

From displays to marketing, knowing who you are targeting will give you clarity on the direction you need to take.

This is an exercise to do individually, and also with your team. (It's always interesting to see what everybody thinks!)

What does your perfect customer look like ?

Here are some of the questions that need answering. Feel free to leave more in the comments.

How old are they?

How is their family made up?

What do they drive?

Where do they live?

What do they do for work, or are they retired?

What does their house look like?

What hobbies do they have?

What do they do at the weekend?

Where do they go on holiday?

What does their involvement in the process look like?

How are they paying for their project?

What's important to them in the process?

Once you have a vision of what your customer looks like, you need to use this information to plan your advertising and re-evaluate your showroom to make sure you are hitting your demographic.

Some people say "we just want everybody", but when you have a laser focused vision on your ideal customer, it makes life a whole lot easier.

Is your activity aimed at your target market ?

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