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Anti Social Media Marketing

Updated: Jun 15

How much are you spending on social media marketing ?

Are you seeing the results that you would expect ?

Social media is an excellent tool when used correctly and is an essential ingredient of any company's business plan.

But sometimes we can get too reliant on it.

I speak to business owners who are complaining that their footfall is down and that they are low on leads.

When I ask what they have done to drive business in, I get told about all the social media spend they have made.

It’s time to go back to the old school !

Before the days of the internet, marketing was done through the telephone, print advertising, flyers, promotional items and other innovative methods to help promote the business.

And we were very good at it.

Today, I feel there is a reliance on social media platforms to save the day and I think we have forgotten how to hustle !

Therefore, I have decided to launch the “ANTI Social Media Marketing” package.

This is a monthly initiative that could potentially become an integral part of your current marketing strategy.

Starting in July, this flexible offering can be run monthly, or just try it for one month ? 

For a cost of just £499, you can get the following. 

150 Printed Flyers - These will be posted to any addresses you choose. They could be taken from planning applications, delivered to an estate near you where the houses are about 10-15 years old, or any other recipients. You can provide a list or I can put one together for you.

5 Sales Leads as a result of 30+ Business Development Telephone Calls - These will be made to architects, builders, surveyors, installers or any other potential customers that you wish to target. I will make these calls personally and they will all be positive contacts. No “left message” or “went to voicemail” calls. I will call at least 30 customers and more if I don’t get 5 leads from my first 30. 

1 x 10 Anti Social Media Marketing Ideas Video - Not only will you receive the marketing included, but you will also receive a video where I will give you another ten ideas to try. (Different videos every month).

1 x 500 Word Article that can be printed off and put into a portfolio book or folder that you have in your showroom.

(Of course you are more than welcome to use this as a blog on your website or other social media if you wish. These will also be different articles every month that you can build into a showroom folder).

1 x Goody Bag of branded and unbranded merchandise that you will be able to give to installers and customers. These could be joiners pencils, mugs, t-shirts, pens and other various items. There will be different items every month. 

There is no contract and you can dip in and out as you see fit. 

You need one extra sale per month as a result of this marketing and it will pay for itself. 

Everyone has great advice on how to use social media to sell, let me show you how to sell without it ! 

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