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Summer 2024 Offer !!! 

As most of the KBB industry are away sunning themselves in the summer (at least if anyone manages to find some sun !), unfortunately, some of us are still working ! 


Every year, I  usually find July and August are quieter months, so I tend to run an offer for people who want to take advantage of this, and get some stuff done which they may have had on a back burner for a while.


So, I have ten days available where I will be able to work on a project you’ve been looking at, carry out some staff training, strategy work,  or contact some potential customers in a business development role, or indeed anything else you need.  (Check out my services to see what else is available). 


The cost for these days is just £300 per day !!! 


I only have ten available and they are first come, first served, so if you are interested in booking any time, please click below.

The days must be used within June, July or August.  


Any questions then let me know, or if you need anything in the meantime, please let me know. 

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