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Selling £30k+ Kitchens

Do you have a kitchen designer who is a good salesperson when the quote value is lower, but they sometimes struggle to sell the bigger deals ?


Maybe they are ex Wren, Howdens or other national retailer, or they have a design heavy background and need some support making the transition when dealing with the larger orders.


Currently, I am finding this is a very common issue in independent retail, so I have written a one day training course that I will be delivering over the next few months.


It is has been put together to give designers the tools they need to deal with clients who are spending a larger amount of money, and may need a different approach to normal. 


A lot of times I find the designers are a bit reluctant to press the customer, and let the customer control the process.


This course is all about taking the power back and making sure that we are the ones setting the pace.


The modules are …. 

1 - Course Introduction

2 - Where it’s different, and where it’s the same.

3 - Approaching the customer

4 - Building rapport

5 - Qualifying the customer 

6 - Meeting the needs of the customer 

7 - Keeping control of the process

8 - Asking for the deal


The course can be received by either attending the classroom session below, or if you wish, I can visit your premises and deliver the course exclusively to your team.


The cost of attending the classroom session is £99 per delegate, or the cost for me to visit you for the day to deliver the course is £599.


The first classroom dates are:


Tuesday 9 July (Wigmore Street, London)

Wednesday 10 July (Bolton, Lancashire)

The course is limited to 10 attendees and will be booked on a first come, first served basis. 


More dates will be added shortly. 


If you have any questions then please let me know.

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