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First off, I am not or have ever been a recruitment consultant or agency.  


But what I have got is a very strong network, built up from over 30 years in the kitchen industry.  


I now work as Retail Consultant specialising in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and home improvement market.


Whether it be experience with a certain CAD package, or previous product knowledge, I can make sure I find exactly who you are looking for.


I already recruit for many companies, but I never need to advertise on social media, as I already have the network to place the highest calibre candidates. 


Another positive I have is that you won’t just be seeing the same old CV’s that are currently in the “washing machine.”


I know who is currently looking around or unhappy in their current roles, but aren’t necessarily actively seeking.


If you need support recruiting for your vacancy, I work on a very straight forward concept. 


There is a £500 initial payment made with every vacancy you place with me, and then £500 to be paid on the candidates first day working with you. 

If, for whatever reason, the new starter leaves within three months, a replacement will be found free of charge. 

To get started, please make the deposit payment on the link below, and send across any supporting materials such as job descriptions and packages to

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